In the process of securing your living soul in the private, knowing who you truly are is the MAIN key. One of the next crucial steps for you to take is getting your Foundational Documents & learning our processes with our instructional videos.

Robert will cover these Foundational Documents & processes in the seminar and all attendees, whether in person or live feed, can secure these documents & process instructional videos now at a greatly reduced donation.

To obtain these Foundational Documents & process instructional videos would normally require the minimum suggested donation of


FOR ATTENDEES ONLY: You can secure these for ONLY the minimum suggested donation of


The 3 main documents Robert uses to create his foundation of security for his private domain.

  • Power of Attorney
  • Declaration of Status, Property, and Obligation


Included within these above 3 documents are these supporting documents;

  • Affidavit of True and Correct Copy/Holder in Due Course
  • Trademark Assignment
  • Trademark & Copyright Notice


Again, this offer is for ATTENDEES of the Awakened Law Seminar Series ONLY.

PLUS AS A SPECIAL BONUS You'll receive any future updates and alterations to the foundational documents and/or the processes Robert has used to secure himself in the private domain absolutely free, forever!

You will be permanently grandfathered in to get all document and process updates as they unfold for just 

ONLY $155