The Awakened Law Seminar Series

Stepping Into Divine Jurisdiction

    Recorded Educational Seminar by ROBERT MICHAEL from House of Markus

    Are you feeling the weight of the world climate bearing down on your consciousness, and not certain where to turn?

    Are you concerned about the immediate future of humanity?

    Learning who you REALLY are, a divine emissary,

    is the key to true freedom.

    Learning the true history of law and how our current system is designed

    is the hand that turns the key.

    • Are you…Curious how Common Law practices function?
    • Would you…Like to know how to protect yourself from the legal system?
    • Is it possible to…Make the IRS an ally instead of an enemy?
    • Have you wondered…Private domain vs public domain… what does that really mean?
    • Do you…Want to know how a Private Membership Association (PMA) can help protect you from taxation or compliance mandates & protect your privacy?
    • Are you…Curious what the social security trust or the ‘straw man’ really means to you?

    Join us...

    in a day long journey that sheds a beaming light on these crucial topics & how WE, Unified, hold the key to designing humanity’s future.


    Michael Batrano presents:

    Stepping Into Divine Jurisdiction

    The Awakened Law Seminar Series

    A most important & timely workshop on developing the world we imagine as we step into our power.

    Get the recording of Robert Michael at his Sarasota, Fl seminar teaching what living in the private looks like and how to navigate the public domain with confidence.

    Gain tools and techniques for living private and free from government-enforced municipal law and separating from the debt enslavement machine.

    Jeff Witzeman Interview

    This is an introductory lesson on natural law as it pertains to getting ourselves out of slavery, knowing how to get out of the system and knowing how to talk to members of law enforcement.

    Educational topics covered in this recorded event include:

    • Spirituality as the Law
    • Gov Trust
    • Private Trusts
    • Private Member Associations
    • 508(c)(1)(A)
    • Common Law
    • Equity Law
    • Civil Law
    • Admiralty Law
    • Consent
    • Estate Law
    • Power of Attorney, Affidavits, Declarations and Notices
    • Basic Court Procedure
    • The Truth About Status Correction
    • The Application of All of the Above

    Plus so much more…


    Beth Martens Interview

    In this live King Hero interview of Robert Michael, expert in trust and equity law to talk about what being the King in law really means.

    Robert Michael has been diligently chipping away at the stone walls that encapsulate our freedoms since 2009. He has been through and seen many, if not all, of the patriot for profit processes on the internet today only to realize, they’re faulty in some form or another. After years of personal experiences, his way of thinking led him to build a solid foundation for himself and his family in both law and the legal world.

    He uses real-world applications such as trusts, 508(c)(1)(A) Churches and Private 

    Member Associations (PMA) to create a fortress of privacy. However, he also has a deep understanding of status correction and what many call the “Straw Man” which he demonstrates is the underpinning of all legal issues.

    You will not want to miss this monumental workshop as we learn the process of how we claim our power and create the world we imagine starting with one person, community, county, & state at a time.

    The typical cost to receive counsel from an expert on these subjects is easily

     $̶3̶7̶5̶ per hour

    This entire 9 hour Recording Seminar Minimum suggested donation

    For this Full 9-Hour Recorded Event.